If football teams didn’t have rivalries then there would be no real excitement to the game. The rivalry that takes place between the teams in part is what spurs them on to become victorious in their games.

New Zealand vs Australia

This rivalry is perhaps the longest standing rivalry for the two famous football leagues that provide the football entertainment for their respective countries.

Australian Socceroos

Looking at rivalries in a friendly tone which is and should be applicable to sports is what can be said about the rivalry between the Socceroos of Australia and the All Whites of New Zealand. The fact that they are geographical neighbours lends to this. At one time both of these teams were members of the IFC which escalated their rivalry as they played against each other in major competitions such as OFC qualifications for the World Cup. In today’s play, both teams are participating in separate regional competitions. This is because Australia is no longer part of the OFC.

Going back and focusing on the friendly rivalry dates back to 1922. This is when these teams first competed against each other with the outcome being 3 to 1 for New Zealand. Then meeting up again in their latest meeting took place in June 2011 where the tables were turned with Australia being the victor against New Zealand in a 3 to 0 score.

Taking all the competitions between Australia Socceroos and the New Zealand All Whites they have 62 meetings n total. Out of these Australia has come out with the most wins with a total of 38 wins. A clear indicator that the All Whites were tough competitors.

Football Ferns and Matildas Rivalry

Again another rivalry between New Zealand and Australia but this time with the focus on the women in football. In the past, this was not what some would consider a friendly rivalry but was referred to by some as a cutthroat rivalry. It has only been three years seen these teams faced off with each other. Statistics indicate that the Ferns were on a real losing streak when they played against Australia. In 2016 the game between these two rivals ended in a 1 to 1. Prior to this, the Ferns lost to the Matildas since 1994.

On every level of football in New Zealand taking into account both the amateur and pro levels, there are rivalries. Some stand out more than others. In respect, every team that plays against each other are playing against their rivals. It is who they are competing against. In a lot of cases, some teams will pit against another team in a more aggressive nature where the rivalry really stands out and becomes common knowledge. Some believe that this makes a game between two rival teams all the more exciting.

The rivalries can go deeper than the teams on the whole. Sometimes there will be a rivalry between coaches. Or between two players who hold the same positions. In any event, a rivalry can work for the good of the teams as it can cause them to escalate their efforts as they want to not only chalk up a win, but a win against a team that they consider to be their main rivals. Fans also get caught up in the rivarly of a team but must be held responsible to monitor their opinions in an orderly fashion.