Football is one of the most popular and enjoyed sports in New Zealand both by the athletes and spectators. There are several different teams that make up this sport in this country. It is commonly referred to as association football or soccer.

Football Leagues in New Zealand

There are different football leagues that have come together for the sport of football which are:

  • 7 New Zealand Football Federations
  • New Zealand National Football Team
  • National Juniors
  • Football Ferns
  • ISPS Handa Premiership
  • National Women’s League
  • Wellington Phoenix PC

All of these are the leagues that are overseen by The New Zealand Football.

Supporting the Sport

With a sport such as this gambling sponsorship is important for the local teams as this is often the beginning for many of the football players. These teams often struggle with the costs that come with their sport. Training costs, travel costs and events costs are huge expenses for any football team on any level. Having sponsors to help them offset these costs benefits the team on the whole. It allows them to focus more on their individual training and reduces financial stress.

Important Competitions

The very core of football is the number of competitions that the leagues participate in. This is what they work towards. It is these competitions that bring the height of excitement to the many football fans on a regional, national and international level.

Regional Competitions

The regional competitions are exciting and fans are entertained on this level by eight regional teams. The height of the events is what is known as the knockout competition where the teams play to become the victor of the Chatham Cup.

National Competitions

This category of football in New Zealand is most popular as it takes fans through the entire football season with plenty of action and excitement. Some of the competitions that held on a national level are according to what each league offers. Such as:

  • National Women’s League
  • National Youth League
  • New Zealand Football Chatham Cup
  • Women’s Knockout Cup

International Competitions

As players move up through the ranks in New Zealand football leagues many aspire to become part of the New Zealand National Football League. This is the group that has the responsibility for representing their country in the sport of Football on an international Level. They are known in the world of football by their formal name,

The All Whites

Football enthusiasts may have enjoyed the international competitions that The All Whites participated in such as Oceania Football Confederation, FIFA world cup and the FIFA Confederations Cup. Going back in history the first international match that New Zealand ever took place was in 1904. The next year they once again played on an international level. However, it wasn’t until 1921 when the league once again played on an international level.

New Zealand Under-23 Football Team

Also known as the Oly-Whites this team brought worldwide attention to football in New Zealand when they qualified for the 2008 Summer Olympics.

With all these different levels of football that is enjoyed throughout the country, it allows New Zealand to remain on the world stage for this sport. More importantly it provides a very important source of sports entertainment for the sports enthusiasts in New Zealand. While there are plenty of sports events to choose from New Zealand football is in the top list of favorites.