For those who enjoy New Zealand Football, they will also have their favourite football players. While every player on a team has an important role there are some players that stand out among the rest.

Wynton Rufer

When one talks about great football in New Zealand a name that will often come up is Wnyton Rufer. He was famed for his abilities as a striker. Taking the position of a forward. Some may say that Rufer is not as famous as Sinatra, but famous in new zealand for his capabilities as a striker. Much of his time as a pro player was spent in Germany as well as Switzerland where he can add to his list of achievements for major titles. In 1982 when the NZ Nation team made its debut in the FIFA World Wynton was part of this. Another one of his greatest accolades was being named footballer of the century by the very prestigious by the Oceania Football Confederation.

Winston Reid

Winston is well recognized for his position as a captain in the New Zealand National team. So impressive was Winston that he was included in the World Cup Squad for New Zealand in 2010. Yet, the then national coach had never seen Winston play. He went onto impress coaches, team players and fans two weeks after this in a game against Australia. Then followed this with his appearance in the All Whites game against Serbia. He hit a low spot in his career when he was ruled out the FIFA World Cup playoffs opposing Mexico in November 2013. But continuing on with exceptional gameplay Winston has been able to win 23 caps.

Shane Smeltz

As a forward in the game of football, Shane has made New Zealand proud and has set himself up to make the famous list of football players for this country. At the start of his participation in football, this took place in Australia. Then he moved to England where he enjoyed 2 ½ seasons of gameplay. When it came to scoring he has been impressive. In the A-League he holds the title for all time as the second highest goalscorer. In 51 international appearances that Shane has completed, he has chalked up 23 goals.

Glen Moss

It would be unfair to be talking about famous NZ football players and not include at least one of the famous goalkeepers. This brings Glen Moss tomind. He has been a proud representer at international competitions. He plays for the Welling Phoenix. Glen became highly recognized early as the starting goalkeeper for the Welling Phoenix league. He soon became known as top goalkeeper. His reputation as a shot stopper grew quickly. Unfortunately he experienced some set backs due to injuries during the 2008 to 2009 season