Football is one of the many enjoyed sports in New Zealand and as such there are different levels ranging from amateur to pro. While there are distinct leagues they all have one thing in common and that is a love and passion for the game of football. It is highly supported by fans as well as sponsors and the many individuals who are involved in the game. This website pays homage to this great game in New Zealand and has achieved this by focusing on some of the important topics that relate to the game.

Really the roots of the game begin with the local or regional soccer clubs like Island Bay. It is the regional leagues that often hold the first attraction for young athletes. While many of them remain content with playing the game at this level there are many others that aspire to move up in the leagues to the national and international levels. Football is such an important sport to New Zealand but popularity is waning as millennials are more interested in eSports so one of our purposes is to remind sports enthusiasts that football should not be forgotten.

Some of the topics that we felt were really important when it comes to football in New Zealand are as follows:

Different Football Leagues in New Zealand

With football or soccer as it is also known being so popular in New Zealand it stands to reason there would be several different leagues. The post here that we have dedicated to this covers some of the details about these. It includes topics as the importance of support for the teams not only by spectators but on a financial level. Then, of course, there are the highlights of the gameplay which is the competitions. Here you will enjoy what we covered about the competitions on the different levels of the teams. Further information touches on some of the most well-known teams that make this such a great game in New Zealand.

Taking a Look at Top NZ Football Teams

There are so many different football teams in New Zealand. Each of them is well worth the effort to write a post about. As a way of encouraging interest in football in this country, it means taking a look at the top football teams. These are the end result of achievements that many at the amateur level are striving for. Not only do these teams contribute to this great game they are the example of what football is all about. Our post about these top teams is restricted to looking at just a few of them which is the All Whites and to give the amazing women’s teams equal times we chose the Football Ferns.

The Excitement of Rivaries

Throughout football competitions, most teams will form rivalries. This is no different for the football teams in New Zealand. This can have some positive aspects to it. Some of which we explain in our post about this subject. We have chosen two teams to focus on to expand upon this further. No doubt you will enjoy the information here. Perhaps it will get you to thinking about rivalries more and how they add to the excitement of the sport.

Impressive NZ Football Players

Those that are categorized as impressive football players in NZ usually fall into the same category as famous. Here we have dedicated a post to this category of players. It is difficult to choose just a few as examples because there are so many of them. The approach we took was to focus on the different positions that make up the game and choose an example of a famous player for each of these.